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Space Crafts

An Exhibit of Wearable, Functional Craft in Perth

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We've all seen the usual way that craft is exhibited at the Royal Show - pieces piled on top of each other, designs that wouldn't be out of place from exhibitions that were held thirty years ago or more.

We also know that modern geek grrrls who get into crafts have broader horizons than doillies and other tame end products. We made covers for iPods, quilts with modern themes, wearable sculpture, awesome fashion, beaded jewellery, small fashion lines, and so on.

I have an idea that's been percolating in my head for about a year now. I'd like to start an annual exhibition or fair in Perth, perhaps in conjunction with another event initially, to display geek craft items in museum style. The exhibition may incorporate stalls to sell your wares, or shops that sell craft items. The fair would be 'not for profit' but as an exercise in promoting alternative arts and artistic expressions across the craft genre.

This community has been set up to:

* find artists who would like to participate - and by 'artists' I mean anyone who crafts
* link into knitting circles and others who would be interested in participating
* identify an appropriate venue
* work out funding issues (grants available, sponsorship)

The type of craft I would envision participating in this 'exhibit/fair' would include (but not limited to):

* knitting
* crochet
* beaded jewellery
* quilting
* fashion

In summary: a modern twist on wearable and/or functional art that you can use in your everyday life.