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Space Crafts
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Date:2005-11-26 06:12
Subject:Bizarre Bazaar


Another place doing what I'd like to do with Space Crafts.

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Date:2005-11-06 23:52
Subject:Urban Craft uprising


"Urban Craft Uprising is the avant-garde creation of Ashley Baker, Nikola Davidson, Markia Gwara, Cassandra Lanning, and Marisa Mouton. All five founding members noticed the lack of hip, funky, urban craft bazaars featuring rising craft stars and decided to embark on the challenge of creating a unique showcase. This is when Urban Craft Uprising was born…"

Here's a good example of how I see Space Crafts evolving, if I ever get to run it.

When I was at the Subiaco Craft Fair today, there was the usual lack of alternative artists. Good to see a couple of fibre/fashion stalls there, but one of them was called Slyph and was obviously not for we fair fat folk. I had a couple of chats with stall owners whose work I liked and asked if they had websites to market themselves. Neither did, though they had thought about it. Look at those involved with the craft fair above, however, and you can see how the generation of younger craftspeople are far more canny than the Baby Boomers that I spoke to today.

As I said to one woman, when it comes to marketing your work online, "Bugger reluctance and get your arse in there!" I mean, what the hell do you have to lose by bunging up a small website. Its not necessarily the point to sell through the website but to allow people to show their friends the stuff they bought and who was behind the craft. This word of mouth advertising, supplemented by the websites, will do more for your business than just about anything else.

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Date:2005-03-30 17:32
Subject:By the way....
Mood: bouncy

....becoming a member is not an obligation to be part of an organising commitee or having to do any work. I am likely to seek volunteers for that side of things in about a year.

Before we can really start organising things, I need to

* find out what the level of interest is
* find artists and crafts people who want to participate
* discover what funding might be available
* talk to organisers of various cons that might be able to fit us in, or seek a venue that is cheap
* find sponsors

So join, willy nilly, have your say, speak your mind and help me develop a sense of what would work for you, the audience and you the craftsperson.



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Date:2005-03-28 13:13
Subject:Feel free to invite people

If you know any artists, creative types, or people with experience in museum curating, art exhibiting and so on, please feel free to recommend or invite them to this group.

Conversations are definitely intended to be informal at this stage - by that, I mean, this is a work in progress. The size/date/final format of Space Crafts is something that will develop as we go along and be determined by a number of factors.

So feel free to drop an idea 'into the ether' to see if it pings...you never know what might come out of it.

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Date:2005-03-27 22:23
Subject:What crafts do you want to see?
Mood: contemplative

I'd like to walk you through the idea, to start. Let you visualise the concept before you answer.

Lets pretend.

Space Crafts could be part of another event (ie Swancon, arts festival) or stand on its own (if funding covers these costs).

* Part of the floor space would be dedicated to exhibiting, in a museum style, some particularly good examples of "modern craft".
* Part of the floor space would be dedicated to selling craft, probably with plain tables and a couple of chairs.

The general idea is to promote the great crafts that people are creating on a personal and perhaps, professional level.

I would like to "audition" those who get exhibiting space and those who get selling space, for several reasons:

a) I don't think its productive to have 10 earring sellers and two fashion mavens. You need some balance to satisfy as many tastes as possible. I want this event to feature interesting work from a variety of crafts.
b) I do think its worth selecting particularly good stuff for exhibit, rather than exhibit all entries, due to space, time and cost factors. Unless of course, someone donates twenty museum students, a massive hall and weeks of time.
c) I do think its worth giving most of the selling space to individual craftspersons rather than stores who already have advertising, selling space in their own time.
d) If this becomes a popular concept, we may not be able to fit everyone in. In which case, setting up competitions within the exhibit (much like you do at the Ag Show) may be an eventual feature.

So, what do you want to see at Space Craft?

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Date:2005-03-27 16:01
Mood: hopeful

I've had the idea for this type of exhibit for a while now, and everytime I talk to a likeminded person, they understand exactly what I intend to create straight away.

Space Crafts is a LJ for Perth women who are interested in establishing an annual craft / art fair in our city that has a modern appeal to it. Old fashioned craft skills being used in new fashioned ways. New fashioned craft being displayed 'museum style' with proper documenting, so the art has a chance to breathe and be admired.

We see so many of these 'modern craft' type of communities online, but in 'real life' the craft exhibits are dominated by the more traditional expressions, like something out of a 1940s/50s timewarp. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I'd like to see modern craft grrrls and guys have an opportunity to show off what they are doing, sell some of their wares, be exposed to new ideas and make new connections.

If you've ever seen the craft exhibition at the Perth Royal Show, and admired the handiwork, but not so much the actual object, you'd probably be interested in participating in Space Crafts.

I envision that it will probably take about a year or two to make these plans come to fruition, and to allow time for people to create things for the event.

Please feel free to join in this discussion if you are interested in the concept, whether as a craftster or as an admirer of craft skills.

A little about myself: My name is Jodes, Im 35 and my background is in admin, public relations, events organising and yes, I knit a bit and buggerise around with beading and other bits and bobs. No l33t skillz, but I enjoy it. *smile*

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