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Urban Craft uprising


"Urban Craft Uprising is the avant-garde creation of Ashley Baker, Nikola Davidson, Markia Gwara, Cassandra Lanning, and Marisa Mouton. All five founding members noticed the lack of hip, funky, urban craft bazaars featuring rising craft stars and decided to embark on the challenge of creating a unique showcase. This is when Urban Craft Uprising was born…"

Here's a good example of how I see Space Crafts evolving, if I ever get to run it.

When I was at the Subiaco Craft Fair today, there was the usual lack of alternative artists. Good to see a couple of fibre/fashion stalls there, but one of them was called Slyph and was obviously not for we fair fat folk. I had a couple of chats with stall owners whose work I liked and asked if they had websites to market themselves. Neither did, though they had thought about it. Look at those involved with the craft fair above, however, and you can see how the generation of younger craftspeople are far more canny than the Baby Boomers that I spoke to today.

As I said to one woman, when it comes to marketing your work online, "Bugger reluctance and get your arse in there!" I mean, what the hell do you have to lose by bunging up a small website. Its not necessarily the point to sell through the website but to allow people to show their friends the stuff they bought and who was behind the craft. This word of mouth advertising, supplemented by the websites, will do more for your business than just about anything else.
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