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What crafts do you want to see?

I'd like to walk you through the idea, to start. Let you visualise the concept before you answer.

Lets pretend.

Space Crafts could be part of another event (ie Swancon, arts festival) or stand on its own (if funding covers these costs).

* Part of the floor space would be dedicated to exhibiting, in a museum style, some particularly good examples of "modern craft".
* Part of the floor space would be dedicated to selling craft, probably with plain tables and a couple of chairs.

The general idea is to promote the great crafts that people are creating on a personal and perhaps, professional level.

I would like to "audition" those who get exhibiting space and those who get selling space, for several reasons:

a) I don't think its productive to have 10 earring sellers and two fashion mavens. You need some balance to satisfy as many tastes as possible. I want this event to feature interesting work from a variety of crafts.
b) I do think its worth selecting particularly good stuff for exhibit, rather than exhibit all entries, due to space, time and cost factors. Unless of course, someone donates twenty museum students, a massive hall and weeks of time.
c) I do think its worth giving most of the selling space to individual craftspersons rather than stores who already have advertising, selling space in their own time.
d) If this becomes a popular concept, we may not be able to fit everyone in. In which case, setting up competitions within the exhibit (much like you do at the Ag Show) may be an eventual feature.

So, what do you want to see at Space Craft?
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